Get Fit, Anytime, Anywhere with Ultimate Fit Training

Proven Fitness Program Designed for Results

What is Ultimate Fit Training?

Ultimate Fit Training (UFT) is a results driven program designed for hard working adults looking to integrate an effect fitness program into their hectic, busy routines. UFT offers guided, on-screen workouts designed by our Certified Master Trainers to build muscle, reduce body fat, improve cardiovascular health, and give you more energy and vitality.

The program also includes monthly check-ins with your assigned trainer on our InBody 270, a body composition machine that measures weight, body fat, and skeletal muscle mass for one of the most accurate and effective ways to gauge your progress.

And to ensure you’re eating for your goals, we set you up with our Evolution app, a nutrition program that accommodates a diverse variety of dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, Keto, and more!


How it works…

Check our schedule to find a session that best fits your unique schedule. We offer sessions throughout the day Monday-Friday. On weekends we encourage our participants to engage in active recovery, walking, stretching, and being active with family and friends. We even provide monthly recovery routines for you to perform at home, on your own schedule.

When you arrive, place your things in a locker, have your water and towel ready, and take your place on the turf! The TV monitors will automatically begin running the session at the designated time, taking you through a warmup, followed by a different workout every day, and concluding with a cooldown. Throughout the week you will experience a balanced combination of strength, upper body, lower body, core, and cardio.

Who is this program designed for?

The busy individual!

Between work, family, and the many responsibilities we all have, fitting workouts in can be challenging. Working with a trainer, or even group classes, requires you to work within a more rigid schedule. UFT offers a larger variety of timeslots in which to come get your session in.

If you’re seeking motivation!

Heading to the gym on your own, or working out at home, can be convenient but often unmotivating. Here at Ultimate Fitness you can arrive to a pre-set, pre-programmed workout, designed by qualified trainers with you in mind. No thinking, no planning required, just come in ready to work!

For people of all fitness levels!

Whether you’re a pro in the gym, or brand new to fitness, all workouts can be tailored to your experience and abilities. And if fitness is new for you, no worries! Our friendly group of trainers are always here to help you learn, grow, and integrate into the program until you feel confident!

If you’re seeking results!

Here at Ultimate Fitness we are results driven! Our staff is dedicated to our clients not only getting a good workout each day, but results that last a lifetime. That is why we designed this program to fit anyone’s schedule, with the inclusion of nutrition and accountability. This isn’t just a workout program, it’s a lifestyle.

Can I Really Start Training Here With a $0 Investment?

Absolutely! Please take advantage of our FREE training offer and let us show you why our personal training is second to none.