Why Choose Our Training?

At Ultimate Fitness we believe very strongly in fitness as a lifestyle and in the health benefits it can mean for your life. We want you to get the most out of your time with us and for your fitness experiences to be positive, rewarding and something you look forward to each day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve YOUR fitness goals and maximize the health benefits of your exercise. Most people are not here to become professional athletes, bodybuilders, or fitness models, and we fully understand that. It is our responsibility to provide you with the facility, equipment, instruction, and motivation to get you excited, comfortable and geared up to reach your specific goals.

Family Atmosphere

What I love about this gym is the camaraderie & support that our trainers and teammates have for each other. We're not competing with each other, but rather we're competing with the person that we were yesterday. There's so much support among teammates and that really makes for a great atmosphere.

Justin Curry

Personal Trainer & Owner

I became a personal trainer, because when I was younger I had a great instructor that brought positivity into my life. I saw the power of what postivity can do for someone, so I decided that I wanted to be that person in someone elses life. Like the saying goes, If you do what you LOVE, you'll never work a day in your life. I am truly blessed to find my passion in life.  I have a gift for motivating and strive to help everyone achieve their goals in a safe and effective manner. I believe that improving your health can improve your life.

When you walk through our doors your success is our number one priorty. Learning about what is important to you, what YOUR goals are and work together to make your goals a reality. 

After working for a varitey of big box gyms I learned what worked, what didn't and took my experience to create a gym that I am proud of and that is results driven. I have created a postive atmosphere that when you step foot in our gym you have become part of our family. You will no longer be a number on a key tag, but a name and we will know your story.

My years of 20+ experience in training and multiple certifications has made me the trainer I am today.
Studied at Illinois State University

My Certifications are:

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist 
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist 
  • American Sports and Fitness Association
  • PTA Global

Christina Rodriguez

Personal Trainer

Christina has been personal training for 7 years and is currently an NPC Bodybuilder, competing at the national level in the bikini division!

Fitness has always been my passion and I have been active all my life playing sports.  I played volleyball, basketball and softball all though grade school, high school and 2 years at a Junior College.  I still play in leagues today.

When introduced to Justin and the opportunity to become a personal trainer, I had to say yes. This was a great opportunity to take my passion for fitness and health to the next level. I've learned so much about proper form and technique when it comes to weight training, strength training, functional movement.  I want to help inspire and motivate others in meeting their fitness goals.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, get toned or gain muscle mass, together we will get you there.  Certified through PT Global and ASFA.  Christina also has a Bachelors degree from Depaul University

Chris Wallace

Personal Trainer

When I became a trainer my goal was to show the world how to workout. Very soon after starting my career, I realized it was very hard for clients to push as hard as they wanted. So many people now live a sedentary lifestyle and most may not even realize it. We are bogged down with aches, pains, past and new injuries that creates poor movement patterns that prevent us from working out correctly. Having had 3 knee surgeries and a broken ankle before I was 24, I understand the frustration and difficulties many clients face. That is why I have become a firm believer in corrective exercise and re-balancing the body before starting a workout program. You can beat yourself up in every work out each day, or you can build a balanced body that works for you and maximizes your potential.


  • N.A.S.M Certified personal trainer

  • N.A.S.M Corrective exercise specialist

  • N.A.S.M Cardio respiratory specialist

  • N.A.S.M Youth exercise specialist

  • D.N.S Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization Course 1

  • D.N.S Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization Course 2


  • 8+ years as a personal trainer

  • Sports include: Tae kwon do, Soccer, Wrestling, Track, Football

  • Avid runner in obstacle races which includes: Tough Mudder Full, Bad Ass Dash, Warrior Dash, Dirt Runner, Merrell Down N Dirty, plus multiple 5ks.

Michael Lopez

Personal Trainer

Growing up, sports was my life. From grade school through junior college, I played baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. The grind of training and the thrill of competition, I thrived on both. Even today, I still play in leagues, always finding time to stay active.

I am a Certified N.A.S.M Personal Trainer. Becoming a Personal Trainer was a natural choice for me. I saw so many people struggling to find the motivation to push themselves, whether in sports or just getting to the gym. For me, personal training isn't a job; it's a passion. I live for those moments when clients surpass their own expectations, pushing past limits they never thought possible, and embracing fitness as a lifestyle.

My work extends beyond weight loss or muscle gain. I work with athletes of all ages, honing their skills for their specific sport or building strength and conditioning. It's about helping others unlock their full potential, just as I've done throughout my own athletic journey.

Can I Really Get Started Training Here With a $0 Investment?

Absolutely! Please take advantage of our FREE training offer and let us show you why our personal training is second to none.